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                  Address:Xinhua Village,

                  Weicun Town, New District of Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

                  Tel: 0519-85718307
                  Fax: 0519-85711847
                  Mail: office@thermoster.com

                  Marketing Dept

                  Tel: 0519-85718027
                  Fax: 0519-85718375
                  Mail: sales1@thermoster.com

                  Foreign Trade

                  Tel: 0519-85715248
                  Mail: sales@thermoster.com

                  Purchasing Dept

                  Tel: 0519-85718530
                  Mail: caigou@thermoster.com

                  During this globalized digital era, accurate responses and precise control make our colorful world more in order. To choose and to be chosen; faith never be changed. And the quality is  enterprises eternal pursuit.
                  THERMOSTER is taking forever forefront of the potential in the wave of digitization, cleaving through the waves, courageously moving forward, passionately performing the glorious chapter of modern appliances industry of Made in China with its sophisticated products.
                  Do you want to know what THERMOSTER can bring to your business?
                  Lets walk into THERMOSTER!

                  THERMOSTER is the leader and innovator in household electrical appliance industry. It specially produce the parts for electrical appliances and be a supporting production base in China. Its HQ is located in Changzhou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Within 15 km radius of THERMOSTER, there include highways, intercity rails, high-speed railways, civil aviation airports and LuAnzhou port which is a first-class port has State Council approved for opening to outside. Multiple means of transportation by road, by sea and by air have formed a network which ensures the convenience and accessibility of logistics. To meet the different needs of the market. Changzhou HTERMOSTER sets up two-branch of Jiangsu THERMOSTER Electric Co.Ltd. and Huaian THERMOSTER Electric Co., Ltd.
                  In the last 30 years, THERMOSTER has been working hard tirelessly to enhance the 'Made in China' quality. Now it is an advanced member of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, Accessories and Home Controller Industry branch. More so, it is a major drafting unit who is responsible for drafting the National Standards of thermostats and electric heating pipes. THERMOSTER always walk in the forefront of the industry.

                  Today, THERMOSTER has developed into a modern appliance parts manufacturing enterprise group with capability of product development, production, sales and service. To be a professional quality, giant of supporting and invisible champion of the market, which are the objectives of THERMOSTERs pursues. Improving its Strength, positioning the world market;THERMOSTER has taken the development of a solid pace of developing itself into a globalized corporation.
                  At present, the company mainly produces  WP, WPF, WDF, WSF, WDFE, WMF series of thermostats; JGQ, JGS series of electric heating tubes, as well as magnetic switches and other major products are used in refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners , washing machines, water dispensers, water heaters, solars and all sorts of home appliances.

                  THERMOSTER keeps introducing advanced automatic computer testing equipment and RoHS detector, life tester, glow wire tester, leakage from the constant instrument and other kinds of laboratory equipment from the aboard, millions of times of tests have been done to the product, so they can be more scientific and rigorous support to product designed. THERMOSTERs products have passed the ISO9000, 14001, UL, VDE, CQC, CSA, CB and other national and international certifications, it has won 14 national ' Utility model patents' and 21 national ' Appearance patents'.

                  After THERMOSTER's unremitting efforts, the company has become an excellent supplier for Samsung, LG, Daewoo, Panasonic, Sharp, GE, Whirlpool, Haier, Hisense, Gree, Midea, Ferroli and other well-known brands. Products are exported to South-Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa; also THERMOSTER created and maintained a stable and good relationship with all customers, and its products are appreciated by the clients.

                  THERMOSTER upholds the spirit of enterprise and corporate culture of 'innovation and excellence, the pursuit of excellence; sincere cooperation and seeking common development'. It has long-term adherence of joint product development and quality research with Nanjing University, Zhejiang University. Meanwhile, the company has introduced ERP, PDM and other advanced management systems to ensure standards-based managements, and they had remarkable out coming so far. The company has also established joint training programs with well-known business management consulting firms, a highly qualified team of professionals has been cultivated. Currently, there are 45 thermostat technical professionals and 21 heater technical professionals, they all have great working experiences with companys management team, and no doubt, they together have become a strong support for THERMOSTER goes to the world.

                  THERMOSTER seriously executes the national laws and regulations, effectively protects the legitimate rights and interests of its employees. It has its own gym, table tennis room and badminton court and other recreational facilities. Adhere to focus on safe production and environmental protection. All kinds of donations and contribution to philanthropic activities amounted to approximately 950 thousand, because THERMOSTER holds social responsibility quite dearly
                  There is a famous poetry in China, says 'Talented people emerges in every generation; he only led the world for few hundreds of years.' THERMOSTER has written a glorious chapter of leap-type development with its hard-working spirit and outstanding performance of industry. In the future, under the leadership of President Mr. Jin Huaming, all the staffs will be solidary to do marketing sincerely and seek development with solid work; they will put endless efforts into creating global-brand and pursuing THERMOSTERs dreams to live its everlasting glory!


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